With 129 years combined catering experience in our organization, we know exactly what it takes to deliver with consistency, culinary passion, and fun every time.

What sets us apart from the rest: EVERYTHING

Deliciously creative menus

Our meal options are finely tailored and there is always something new to choose from.

Guaranteed Service

We pride ourselves on the services we provide - we always go above and beyond to make your moment memorable.

Designed for your needs

We design our service to fit you—if all you need is help serving and cleaning up, we can do that too!


Kim Velasquez


  • Creator and visionary of  The Crazy Caterer
  • Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • 25+ years catering experience
  • Loves sharing her passion to cook for others
  • Expert at customizing meals to meet dietary restrictions
  • Enjoys experimenting & innovating in the kitchen
  • Is inspired by cultural cuisines from around the world
  • Loves to travel